What I do and would like to do in a day

  • I’d really like to begin each day exercise since that does help me bigtime with focus
  • I’d also like to start each day with a morning briefing whether I do that on my own or with another person. Since I primarily work alone I need that “people energy” to kind of get me moving in the right direction. I have a friend that can help but I have recognized that that does help.
  • I’d like to make a solid time to connect and reach out to clients. Whether its an update or follow up ora consultation. I need to tighten up and iron out my reach out and touch times.
  • I’d like to have a solid area for working on creative things. It can’t clash with the other part of the business stuff because I struggle with switching between indsets. So somehow block out creative time and set a solid TIME LIMIT for said time.
  • I’d like to call my kids consistently. Some people think its silly that I schedule it in but I seriously need to schedule it because if I don’t the anxiety builds and it gets too late and I don’t do it.
  • I’d like to have a SOLID business cut off time for the day. My brain is like, there is still stuff to do, so sometimes I never really shut off completely leaving this infinitely incomplete dossier of projects going way back to at least 1997.
  • I need to complete hygiene in the morning and of course plan a time to eat. I don’t have a set time for that either.
  • I’d like to be able to debrief daily. Either by myself or with a friend. I want this tie just to set up for the next day if necessary or at least to make adjustments to the next day.
  • Finally, I’d like to make time for fnu! I think my brain gets mad because I NEVER plan for fun. It’s almost always work and then it fights me and it interrupts work to try to steal fin.

I have recognized that order does reduce my anxiety but my current lack of order has me in a death spiral which I have been fighting to escape for about 2 years.

So that’s it.

*I also thought of possible outsourcing some of my tasks but haven’t figured out which ones I could send away yet. But that would help and scheduling time to set that up and check on that consistently would be a major life saver.

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